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No Show/ Late Policy

1st Time No Show: No worries… We all get busy and forget. It’s On Us!
2nd Time No Show: We hate you missed your appointment… As a favor, we will only charge you $25 per service booked. 
3rd Time No Show: We miss you! But our stylists have been waiting… 100% Due

Late Policy:

If you are 10+ minutes late for your appointment, we might have to cancel, reschedule, or adjust your service(s) to fit the remaining time.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid charging a cancellation fee of $25 per service booked. By entering your credit card information, which is encrypted and stored to your customer profile, you agree to accept our cancellation and no-show policy fees. All applicable cancellation fee(s) will be charged to your card if you cancel within 24 hours of the start of your appointment. For group bookings of two or more, you will be charged $25 for each guest that cancels without 24 hours notice. 

Please note that Bliss Bridal services, Bliss Parties are subject to different cancellation policies and fees. Deposits paid on Bliss Bridal, and Bliss Party bookings are non-refundable. Please refer to the Bliss Bridal, and Bliss Party agreement as prepared by Bliss providing said services for full pricing, terms and conditions.

Return Policy

All product purchases (hair products, skin care, and makeup), gift cards, and memberships are non-refundable.

Extension Policy:

All of our Stylists have completed comprehensive training and have learned how to handle extensions with care. However, Bliss Beauty Lounge Inc. is not responsible for damaged or loose extensions as a result of a Bliss Beauty Lounge  Inc. service.

Guests with bonded extensions, including “tape-in”, “beaded–in” or “sewn-in”, will be charged a $15 fee to allow for the extra care and time required to style the extensions. 

Guests who would like to have “clip-in” or “halo” extensions installed by Bliss will be charged a $15 installation fee. Extensions must be clean, dry, detangled and ready for installation. Extensions requiring washing and drying will be charged at the full price of a blow out ($50). Please note that we do not offer tape-in extension installations and move-ups. 

Extended Time/ Diffused Blowout:

A Blow Out with Extended Time is our signature Blow Out service, inclusive of a wash, for Guests who require 75 minutes or more to complete their blow out due to hair length, density or texture that requires a longer blow out time. To ensure we can service all Guests efficiently at their desired appointment times we ask that Guests who require an extended time blowout style or those who are unsure whether they should book our standard Blow Out, call Bliss so they can help you book the appropriate amount of time. Pricing for the Blow Out with Extended Time an  additional $15- $30 above the cost of a blow out for the extended time service.

Detangling Policy

All Bliss services include up to 10 minutes of hair detangling. If you arrive at your appointment with a hair condition that requires more than 10 minutes of detangling, we may have to cancel, reschedule, or, if timing permits, book you into our Detangling Service. The cost of the Detangling Service is $50/hour and is billable in 30-minute increments for anytime beyond the 10 minutes of detangling that is included as part of the service. To ensure we can service all Guests efficiently at their desired appointment times we ask that Guests arrive at their appointment with hair that is ready to be serviced or take advantage of booking our Detangling Service online (ahead of your scheduled appointment).

Stylist Request

While we try to accommodate all clients requests, we cannot guarantee you will be paired with a particular stylist. At Bliss we take extended time to train all of our stylists to deliver the same result to all of our clients.

Dry Style Policy

A dry style is a no-wash service that is performed on clean dry hair for the price of $35. Bliss Beauty Lounge has the right to refuse a dry style service should it not meet the criteria as defined above or if the quality of work will be compromised without the full wash and style. Guidelines for determining whether a dry style can be accommodated (must answer yes to all points below):

  • Style can be achieved in 25 minutes or less
  • Guest has clean, dry hair that is in good condition (no excessive matting or tangles)
  • Guest is choosing one of the 6 signature styles
  • Quality of work will not be compromised by offering a dry style

Gift Card/ Gift Certificate Policy

Gift cards will be delivered to you activated and ready to use. Please treat them like cash. Bliss is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Gift cards do not expire and are non-refundable.

Need Help?

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